Graphene Enhanced Face Masks FFP2 RD

Why this Graphene Face Mask?

Nobel Prize Winning Graphene | Approved under REACH | Certified Reusable FFP2 RD | Environmental Benefits…

Not just a face covering but a Filtering Face Mask!

Made with Polygrene™ featuring Nanene™
– the world’s only Verified Graphene Product

Reusable Face Masks – Graphene Enhanced FFP2 RD

Introducing the Reusable Graphene Enhanced Protective Face Mask from the UK’s very own Versarien PLC.

Versarien’s FFP2 RD Graphene Face Mask has received official certification confirming this mask as reusable. The environmental benefits and lifetime cost of the mask when compared to ‘single use masks’ are clear.

A novel reusable mask that combines world class British technology with high quality PPE to help in the fight against viral transmission.

The graphene enhanced face mask range is a very exciting development that can help us manage current social distancing restrictions in every day life, public spaces, schools, the work place etc. This is not just a simple face covering but a filtering face piece. Finding certified masks that are also certified as reusable (FFP2 RD) is of huge benefit to the wearer and the environment.

These Graphene Protective Face Masks provide an enhanced level of protection. Whilst we follow government guidelines for face coverings to be worn, or make a personal decision to wear one, this advanced protective mask has many advantages.

The added benefit of being reusable whilst retaining it’s ability to meet the filtration standards for several cleaning cycles offers cost savings over single use masks. This is subject to many factors, especially how it is stored, sanitised, washed and handled. No fixed guarantee of lifespan can be provided and the user must make that judgment based on its condition, however even after some deterioration, this mask is still an excellent face covering when compared to others.

See care instructions for more information.

A four-ply design

To help provide enhanced protection against airborne bacteria and to minimise the spread of viral infection, the face mask has a robust four-ply design which uniquely boosts filtration.

The four-ply arrangement offers users a beneficial level of protection against airborne allergens, pathogens, pollen, and dust particles that are larger than 0.3 microns in size,  providing ≥94% air filtration and meeting FFP2  RD standards. The mask provides improved breathability, and offers significant comfort when worn. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution is enabled via adjustable ear loop straps to supply extra comfort.

The mask is enhanced with a coated layer utilising Polygrene™. Polygrene™ is an advanced graphene-based material featuring Nanene™ – the world’s only independently Verified Graphene Product certified by The Graphene Council.

Four-Ply Design Face Mask KN95 FPP2

The benefits of our Graphene Enhanced Face Mask?

Can be sanitised and reused

Our range of FFP2 RD rated face masks are certified and the mask life can be extended by using our disinfectant spray along with the care instructions provided.

  • CE Marked
  • Approved under REACH
  • Also reached KN95 standard in accordance
    with GB2626-2019.

Consequently, they meet the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation and have been approved by REACH.

Environmental Impact – Reusable

Our face masks can be worn more than once and have been developed in such a way that they can be cleaned using Versarien’s sanitiser spray or carefully washed and reused multiple times. Investing in one of our masks reduces the impact on the environment significantly as a reusable FFP2 RD rated option instead of single use disposable masks.  They also come in a pouch that can be used to keep the mask clean and protected from deterioration when stored.

Versarien’s new disinfectant spray can also be used instead of washing to kill surface bacteria from the mask without compromising the lifespan of the material. This disinfectant spray is Chemical free and non-toxic. See our shop for more specific product information.


Our Graphene Enhanced Face Masks not only contain Graphene as an additive, but they been developed in the laboratory and have successfully passed the tests required to meet FFP2 RD / KN95, CE, EN149 standards as below and are fully certified.

Not just a face covering, but a FILTERING FACE MASK

European Standard: EN 149:2001+A1:2009 – FFP2 RD

CE-marked in accordance with the requirements of European Directive EU 2016-425

Product Performance: PFE≥94% FFP2 RD

Also reached KN95 standard in accordance
with GB2626-2019.


Our masks are available in a variety of colours and sizes for both adults and children. The benefits of a Graphene enhanced mask are that they light, comfortable, cool and effective.

  • No valve = 2 way protection
  • Fully adjustable nose strip and ear straps
  • Can be worn for <8 hours at a time (Dolomite Clogging tested)

Reduced-Fogging Effect

If worn correctly, the benefit of this FFP2 RD rated mask is the fit. With a very good seal around the outer perimeter, including across the bridge of the nose, those fogging glasses can become much less of an issue!

Children’s Face Covers based on the same technology

Face covers made for little faces, with fully adjustable ear loops and nose strip to maximise comfort.

In addition to our main Adult Sized FFP2 RD face mask, we also supply child / youth sized face covers* that are based on the same technology as the Graphene-Enhanced Protective Face Masks* and come in 4 colour options for that individual feel.

*It’s very important that we let you know these are not PPE or medical grade like their bigger brother, unfortunately there simply aren’t UK/EU standards for Children’s face masks.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice and was considered to be a breakthrough in science in 2004 by two scientists at the University of Manchester in England. Both scientists later went on to win the Nobel Prize.

The applications for Graphene are seemingly endless, with laboratories working to develop new ways of producing Graphene in various forms for use in commercial products that will touch us all in one way or another.

According to the Graphene Council, Graphene is described as the thinnest and strongest material known to man. It is the best conductor of electricity, nearly transparent and also the best conductor of heat, even better than diamond, also a carbon material.

For more information about Graphene, visit the Graphene Council’s website.

Why Graphene + PPE?

Working with Versarien PLC’s Graphene products, we are confident our face masks are one of the best on the market.

In reference to the materials used in this face mask and as quoted by Versarien:

” The mask is enhanced with a coated layer utilising Polygrene™. Polygrene™ is an advanced graphene-based material featuring Nanene™ – the world’s only independently Verified Graphene Product certified by The Graphene Council.”

Graphene Enhanced Mask – A filtering facepiece FFP2 RD (Meets KN95 for sales in other territories)

What is FFP2 RD?

FFP stands for Filtering Face Piece.

Certified to FFP2  standards = European Certified Face Masks. This mask has also been certified to meet the requirements of KN95 standard (Chinese Certified Face Masks) in accordance with GB2626-2019.

Both standards require the face mask to pass rigorous testing to establish that the mask is capable of filtering out pollutants and microparticles that carry viruses. All of which guarantee ≥94% filtration of all particles larger than 0.3microns in size from passing through it when worn correctly with a proper fit.

The added ‘R’ (FFP2 R) on the Versarien mask stands for reusable. This means that when worn and handled with care and cleaned through the recommended care instructions, this mask is certified to be reusable with no loss of filtration.

The added ‘D’ (FFP2 RD) on the Versarien mask stands for ‘Dolomite Clogging’ tested. This is the test method used to determine the usage life of particulate filters such as our FFP2-rated mask. If attained, this is an indicator that additional quality standards have been met, as the breathing resistance is rated highly allowing the mask to be comfortably worn over a long period of time.

The different names and abbreviations of N95, KN95 or FFP2 face masks all similarly provide ≥94% filtration or more, the only difference is the region of accreditation.

Also CE marked in accordance with the requirements of European Directive EU 2016-425 for additional peace of mind.

Care Instructions – How to prolong the life of your mask

This mask is classed as reusable and has been proven to retain its ability to filter and protect you the wearer for several cleaning cycles if handled with care between each use, and cleaned according to the care instructions as linked to below. No guarantee can be given as this is dependant on how the mask is handled, stored, cleaned etc. You must use your judgment on when to renew the mask to guarantee your FFP2 RD benefits. This can only be done based on your inspection of the mask condition, which even after some deterioration still makes an excellent face cover. A maximum of 10 cleaning cycles can be performed on the mask. After which, the mask should be replaced or disposed of.

Fabric information

The mask is made of a mixture of fabrics as shown in the Mask Design section of our website. These fabrics are necessary in order to meet filtration standards and provide the final graphene enhanced layer to the outer layer. These fabrics do however require care by the user. If not handled with care, protective properties in the mask may deteriorate. At such times, the mask is still effective as a face covering.

Self-Seal Storage Pouch

Each mask is supplied in a packet has a self seal top edge once opened and when not in use the mask should be stored flat in this packet to prevent the mask from being repeatedly bent or rubbed against thus compromising the mask and causing avoidable deterioration. This also protects the mask from getting dirty inside your pocket or bag.

Cleaning in-between use

Care instructions on the Product Information Sheet should be followed carefully.

Our recommendation is to purchase a bottle of the Sanitiser from our SHOP to go with your masks. If this sanitiser is used on the mask instead of washing, you will not add to the deterioration of the fabric and will prolong the life of the mask and be certain that it is still providing you with the highest level of protection.

We advise against washing the mask, please DO NOT machine wash. Please see the product information sheet.

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As with all Protective Face Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in general, use of our products does not guarantee that the user will not become exposed to any airborne bacteria and/or viral infections. However, the risk of such exposure will be significantly reduced by the use of quality products in accordance with the Instructions for use.

We refer you to Versarien’s Product Data Sheet as the manufacturer for full product specifications and care instructions. All Adult FFP2 RD masks sold via this site are all manufactured according to the specification Versarien have provided to us on their data sheet and supplied to us as a reseller. Every effort has been made to accurately communicate the product specification on our website and in every case we refer to the above mentioned data sheet.

A maximum of 10 cleaning cycles can be performed on the mask. After which, the mask should be replaced or disposed of. See care instructions for information on cleaning cycles.