About Graphene PPE .co.uk by Industrial Abrasives Ltd

This website is our new and separate e-commerce site and information centre for this addition of Graphene Enhanced Protective Equipment to our core business.

Industrial Abrasives Ltd specialises in the supply of superabrasive materials including industrial diamonds, grits and powders for diamond tool manufacturers around the world. Our main website can be found here.

What we’ve heard

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, our office staff at Industrial Abrasives Ltd have repeatedly heard stories of how significant the hindrance COVID-19 has been to societies across the world, in particular our global customers, their businesses, families, their children’s education and the list goes on.

All of our lives have been disrupted significantly!

When we were introduced to Graphene and in particular the FFP2 RD certified and reusable Graphene Enhanced Face Masks, we realised we had a potential product that could minimise risk of transmission significantly and keep our friends and colleagues safer and open for business!

Working in the industrial diamond business, this Graphene material is a perfect fit for us! Both materials are carbon, one super hard, the other super strong but both in the same family!

Helping your business get back to work

In an effort to support our main customer base and do everything we can to help businesses protect their staff we decided to add this product to our core business activities. Our hope is we play a small part in enabling businesses to get back to work with minimal disruption and get the  wheels of commerce moving once again.

We created this site to make this product accessible to any individual, business or group that wants it.

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Larger Volumes and Corporate Customers

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