Which face mask is best for air travel? FFP2, KN95 or another?

The UK may not have enforced a minimum standard of face mask upon us, however many countries are beginning to do so. Quite some time ago we saw Bavaria make the wearing of FFP2 masks mandatory in shops and on public transport then followed by Austria (see our earlier post here). In a recent article […]

Versarien’s News Update – FFP3 Graphene Face Mask under development!

We were pleased to hear the news that Versarien have continued their testing and development of graphene enhanced face masks to meet even higher certification standards. As stated…

Graphene Enhanced Face Mask FFP2 RD by Versarien – A closer look!

We have received some positive comments from our online customers regarding the quality of finish and fit of our Graphene Face Masks and thought we’d offer you a closer look.

Versarien have been working very hard behind the scenes to engineer a product with a superior level of protection in the fight against COVID-19 and we’re not just referring to protecting ourselves from contracting this but transmission in general both ways. Face masks are being recommended by…

FFP2 Face Masks Mandatory in Bavaria Germany – Deutsche Welle

Interesting news article published by Deutsche Welle about the decision taken by Bavaria in Germany to make FFP2 face masks mandatory in shops and on public transport.

“…Bavaria’s decision Monday to mandate the wearing of FFP2 masks instead of other mouth and nose coverings for all citizens in shops, on public transport and in other situations.”…