Launch of Online SHOP selling Graphene Enhanced Reusable Face Masks!

In December 2020 just before Christmas, we were pleased to have launched our online shop supplying the first of our graphene enhanced PPE products. Initially stocking Adult Sized reusable face masks with the advantage of FFP2 R certification and the important CE mark along with many other standards.

Shortly after launching our online store the news headlines focussed in on a new variant of COVID-19 that caused chaos at the borders and increased concern for all of us over the increased rate of transmission when compared to the initial coronavirus variant we had been fighting. So we end 2020 with new concerns but with hope as vaccines are beginning to roll out to the most vulnerable in our society.

How long the vaccination programme will take is a huge question that we all wish we knew the answer to. In the meantime, we are pleased to be supplying one of the most advanced reusable face mask products on the market that has the added benefits of being a Filtering Face Piece (FFP2 R). A Versarien PLC development, using science and technology to create something that can better protect us and others, and help us do our part to beat Covid-19.

Adult sizes available in a variety of colours as a starting point with Children’s sizes (Classed only as face covers) coming in the new year.

For corporate orders, larger volumes or even branded versions for those larger institutions or corporations, please visit this page for more information and contact us to discuss what you need! Protecting the workforce!